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Makiri's muse faceclaim is Friagne the Collector from Shokugan no Shana.

Mun's faceclaim is Solf J. Kimblee from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

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Gilgames Chibi - Fate Stay Night 3

Moments like this are what remind me that the visuals in this game are actually pure artwork. I missed it so much.

These enemies are a work of art.

So I found this NPC named Hatsune and I was like oh look I found Miku and then I read her dialogue.

For those of you who did not play Perfect World back in the day when it was a young game…

You missed out on an era of greatness, my friends…

Ah I see. Well it seems we even farther have similar thoughts on what is awesome.

I’ve noticed how similarly we think on many things involving fiction. It is quite refreshing to be friends with such a like-minded person. ^_^

Or the exact opposite, one’s who act like and think they are the protagonist. While of course doing something completely evil, but they think it realy is for the good of all , and don;t justify it because they don;t see it as needing to be,

That’s actually what I based my post off, yeah. I saw a post saying exactly this, and I though both ways would work extremely well in a story.

did you mean the emprex of everything unholy michèle malebranche

A stellar example, mon amie.

Oh, on the topic of antagonists, one thing that is really rare are antagonists who acknowledge that what they are doing is awful and without justification. So many antagonists are awful but they justify their own awfulness. We need more antagonists who are like “yeah, we’re the worst kind of creature, and we’re PROUD of it. What we’re doing has no point other than being cruel and evil. We’re the bomb.”