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Gilgames Chibi - Fate Stay Night 3
Omg… I looked into this tag and…… *leaves Tumblr without any more words*

Innaproperate Boobers

You know I was curious about a text post from last year so I decided to check on the tag

there was something there

there are actually things in the “Innaproperate Boobers” tag


I’m fairly sure that Walhart could choke Grima with his bare hands.

Kirei Riseivich Fuckoffsky

-- derpcakes, expressing her ire over a certain not-priest (via emiyevich)
Little Thing

Huh. This girl…she was staunch. Serious. And she was dressed in the apparel of the church. She was…what he aspired to be one day, perhaps. Maybe she could already forget all the troubles in the world and serve faithfully. If so, she might be…a miracle.


"Sister….are you happy?"

His voice was quiet, and didn’t quite carry. But he was definitely asking her a question. Was this Sister….happy with what she had become. In a way, perhaps…Kirei hoped so.

"I would be lying if I said I was not even a tiny bit curious how you were like as a little thing. Ohoho, as Mistress I command you to show me!" [hey look what reared its ugly head back out eh]

[Welcome back, Mistress ^_^]

Something about this bizarre woman, dressed up so strangely and cackling so awfully in the middle of the chapel, was familiar. And Kirei didn’t like it. In fact, it set him off something fierce. How strange.


"……Please, keep quiet in the church. Priests-in-training are trying to study."

He didn’t know if she was even talking to him, but peace and quiet had to be maintained in the chapel at all times.

Little thing

White…hair? Red…eyes?


Weird. But then again, when you live and learn in a Church, many things in the outside world seem weird. An open mind is important, or so father has always told me.

"Ma’am. Are you lost?"

The young boy rubbed the back of his head slightly. Why was he talking to her anyways? Was it just….idle curiosity? Or something else?

"I’m on my way to class right now, but if you need help getting somewhere, feel free to ask. You’re not from here, right?"

nohma said:
Little thing


"You’re not even an RP blog. How am I supposed to figure out how to respond to this?"

Actually, on second thought…..

"What are all of these images, anyways? Some kind of cartoon characters?"