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Gilgames Chibi - Fate Stay Night 3

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Alice stood in place and took the blow. A bruise formed around her eye, and she let Kirei’s arm go as she lightly touched it.

"That kinda hurt…"

She wasn’t smiling any more. She held her billhook with both hands and prepared to strike.

Kirei, at the same time, readied himself. “So, the beast can be tamed as long as you strike it hard enough? I will be sure and remember that.” The cruel, scathing voice filled the area with a sense of imposing dread. These two facing each other on the battlefield right now were no less than absolute monstrosities, and it was terrifying.

In a moment of readiness, Kirei decreased the prana being channeled to his Keys, and the blades slowly vanished. The Executor then released the hilts, freeing his hands completely.

"The best way to deal with you, then would be direct contact. That is more than enough for me." His grin was that of a wolf. Kotomine was truly enjoying this…the suffering, the pain, the eternal whirlwind of torment. This was what combat was all about.

~ Unwanted feelings {Fem!Tokiomi & Kirei}



Tokiomi was never proud of herself. She had a truly horrible relationship with her husband. They used to be friends before they got married, and after that… Some incidents happened, Aoi was visiting her really often and she could no longer hold her feelings towards him. An affair was long. They were not sharing a bed with Kariya, so he knew very well Sakura and Rin weren’t his children. The gossips were fast and not so long after the whole magical words knew that Tohsaka’s children had no Matou’s blood in their vains, so Aoi had to leave.


Left alone, Tokiomi found a pleasure into taking care about her daughters and about some strange man she promised to teach… About Kotomine Kirei. She was truly enjoying his company, so when he knocked on the door, her heart started to beat a little bit faster.

    ♣”Kirei! Long time no see, how have you been?”

"Master. Forgive me for arriving late today. There was Church business to attend to."

Kirei entered the home politely and calmly, as he did on any other day. He had an entire childhood’s worth of lessons in conduct around those of higher rank than him, and therefore was the very figure of etiquette, even when faced with someone as familiar as a mentor…however new that mentor was.

His dark eyes made a quick sweep of the room, then focused on Tokiomi. He bowed in a polite and courteous manner. “I have been rather well, Master Tokiomi. The studies you have given me, as well as my regular duties, have kept me busy. I trust you have been doing fine?” Yes, Kotomine was a very interesting case. Raised as a member of the Church, and now being taught as a magus after his recently awakened magic abilities were discovered. And his Master was this woman before him.

"Are you feeling well? You look a little out of sorts. No offense intended."

I’ve really gotta just shut up and never talk again.

Seriously I can be having a perfectly good time and then I see Kirei x Shirou or Kirei x Gil or Kirei x Rin or Kirei x Kerry and for no good reason I feel like throwing up.

I’m awful.

I think it might also be just a moment in which you’re moody and don’t want to see certain things :/ but you don’t suck. Really.

I wish it were just a moment. I really do wish that.

I think I’m a good enough writer, not terrible. I think I can represent the character well.

But for the life of me I have to choke back my stomach every time I see a ship involving this guy and I feel awful because of it.